An Integrated Casting Platform

Developed from UFO Film and Television Studios
For Features, Series and Commercials

Built from experience

Developed by UFO during the production of the international CW Series “Pandora”

What is Cineself?

  • 36+

    It was developed for producers, directors, agents and casting directors encompassing all aspects of the casting process from over 36 years of Production Experience.

  • Talent is able to create secure profiles, integrated with the Cineself self-taping feature.

  • An AI algorithm that narrows down the best matching talent based on your role requirements.

  • GEO- Casting feature allow you to search talent based on your shooting location and allows Talent to notify producers that they are as available wherever they are in the world.

  • Cineself allows directors, producers, agents and casting directors to rate, comment, manage and discuss auditions securely.

  • An innovative tool that allows both artists and content creators to collaborate smoothly over a secured infrastructure.


Cineself offers you a solution that encompasses the full casting process. Easily setup new productions, then collaborate with production colleagues on a secure casting platform.

A CRM engineered to manage your productions' casting process by giving you and your team the opportunity to use one shared workspace.

Filter the best matches for your castings and send them an invite to make their self-tape session.

A database of actors who can validate their profile by using our direct IMDB integration.

Use the innovative rating system together with your team to shortlist talent to streamline the casting process.

Use the innovative voting system together with your team members to shortlist the best talent to fit your roles.

All previous castings can be maintained and managed on one casting platform letting you revisit castings from previous productions or episodes.

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  • Manage casting with your productions partners in a way that will increase your productivity and streamline your communication.
  • The geolocation feature allows you to search for actors in your region or country where your production is taking place.
  • Custom profile visibility and privacy settings allows for top talent to comfortably use Cineself for receiving casting invitations.
  • Check the casting status for each of your roles at a glance. Shortlist talent and update your production partners with one click.
  • Search our talent database by custom meta data profiles
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  • Talent's profile may remain private and/or only appear in auditions of a selected project, casting directors, agents or producers.
  • A public profile will list talent in a World-wide database if elected by talent.
  • Potential talent can be selected by geolocation and a customized selection of meta data attributes.
  • Talent can enhance their profile with reels and gallery photos.
  • Talent may search for roles using their profile and their meta data to find casting matches that are seeking their unique skills.


A mobile application that runs on your iOS or Android device that allows talent to audition, network and search productions from anywhere in the world!

  • An app built to help you to audition for your next casting in the easiest and securest way.
  • Sides sent to you as part of you audition invitation.
  • Quickly conduct a self-tape audition and submit directly from the app.
  • Enter a global network of producers, casting agents and influencers.
  • Use an app that makes it easier for producers and casting directors to manage your audition.
  • Configure your profile with a few easy steps by synchronizing it with your IMDB account.
  • Define your uniqueness by Cineself's unique profile-meta data module.